Hi There everyone!
Welcome to Poi Spinning's Xmas newsletter!
Featuring news about  the book, the website, the courses and students.


First of all a big thank you to all of you that have linked to the poi spinning website which I'm sure you've all had a look at by now.  And those of you that havent, I would love to swap links to do drop me a line!  The site is now updated every few weeks to include up to the minute information about course dates and to add your comments. Also big thank you also to those of you that have posted your comments about the book and the courses on the site!  If you'd like to read these comments or add your own, just pop to www.poispinning.com/comment.htm to comment on the book, or email your comment to me.
Magazine articles
The New Zealand News wrote a lovely article about the Apex Poi Spinning courses, complete with embarrasing photos of me in mid spin!  They have been a little slow getting me a digital copy of the article, but as soon as I have a copy you'll be able to view it on   www.poispinning.com/magazine
An excellent article about the Intermediate course also appeared in TNT magazine, who have been very supportive throughout Apex's history, written by the lovely Janine Israel who is unfortunately soon to leave our shores.  Good luck out there Janine!   Once again, the article will be up as soon as I can get hold of a copy...
The fantastic article by Eric Bagai, who's publication in Juggle magazine in the US was delayed for ages, finally appeared in the most recent iussue and can be viewed at www.poispinning.com/magazine
Student News....
Congratulations are due to Tamar Weka and TJ for their first burn!  You brave folk.  Hope it becomes an addiction...
Also a warm cheerio to Katie Brown  who is off to Ottawa where she has plans to teach Poi.
and well done to Naur who did a free-for-all show, sponsored by a group working for drug awareness, at an amphitheatre by a lake attended by over 3000 people!
Finally some of you may also be interested to know that Modern Club Swinging and Pole Spinning by Anna Jillings is now available to download free online from http://www.semlyen.net/cosmosjugglers/lib/contents.htm !  As well as the full text of the book there is also a club swinging bibliography and additional pole spinning articles. 
Well, that's all for now!  Thanks one last time for all your help and support, and do contact me to keep me posted of your poi shenanigans or if you ever have any poi queries...
Hugs & happy spinning,