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Great Poi Sites/Clubs & Workshops/ Performers/Related Arts/Shops/Databases/Friends/Other/Just for fun!

Great Poi Sites

Circles of Confusion - Stunning fire photography by Curtis Finger.

Cercles de -lovely new French poi site with forum, video, photos etc aiming to build a stronger poi community in France.

Fire - Excellent sections on fire safety, constructing fire toys, photographing fire, non-fire ideas and a little teaching of moves. - "A queensland, australian home page promoting my fire twirling with the world. There are photos, how-to's, safety and soon free web hosting for other fire twirling sites."

Home of Poi and Fire twirling - Resource on Poi, glowstick, flag, staff and Fire Swinging, Twirling and Spinning. Has database of other twirlers around world. Discussion group, lots of animated lessons, free monthly draw for equipment, video and picture galleries and an online Shop.

Luxotica - "We hope to help connect spinners and share information and cool stuff happening around us." The site includes Canadian and American shops, information on gatherings in Canada, and information on building your own poi.

Marketing yourself on the internet - brilliant site packed with info to help performers market themselves on the intenet.

PoiJoy - A beautifully laid out site with lessons, forum, tips and friendly information.

The venue - An unusual poi site including a much needed section on fuels and the environment, and the excellent essay 'Poi: Unravelling the Mysteries of Motion'

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-An alternative way of Dancing and Juggling! Using either Glowsticks or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art form. Nunchaku, Poi, Staff, Twirling, Tip's, Photos, Videos, Glowstick / Liquid dance."
PoiXercise® Workshops, Original Pixie Poi™, Fire Fairies, Blacklight Theatrix & More Magic. Poi Pixies want to share the magic of poi with everyone.Connecting our souls with the universe and each other. Linking our space age to the roots of humanity and bringing the elements of our earth back into our everyday life.
Together we can spin magic! lovely German website that includes an introdution to poi, lessons and a shop.

Clubs, Workshops and Courses

The Academy of Circus Arts - Europe's only travelling circus school

Imperial College Juggling Club - Imperial College, London, UK. The juggling club has at times been accused of not taking any of this malarkey seriously enough. We don't, we are an informal gathering who meet up to play with our balls and to learn, practice and share new tricks. If you can't juggle, but want to learn, come along any time and we'll give you some help.

Laurieston Hall - fantastic week-long juggling course held in the beautiful Scottish Countryside, run by the famous Cosmos Jugglers. The week includes daily workshops in juggling and related arts, comfy beds, organic home-grown vegetarian food, daily Yoga lessons, and full use of the Laurieston Hall facilities including wood-fueled sauna, pond, forrest, lake, boats, games room and more.

Lowershaw Farm - lovely relaxed weeken juggling course in the English countryside, run by the famous Cosmos jugglers. Includes comfy beds, daily Yoga, juggling, poi, fire and uv workshops in a beautiful farmyard setting. mmmmm......

Tomfoolery is a circus skills and juggling club based in Derby, UK, set up by local jugglers and circus skills enthusiasts, to teach and learn new skills and tricks. The club is completly open to new comers of any standard, and offers a huge range of skills that you can learn and experience.

Oxford University Juggling Society - Vibrant weekly juggling club in Oxford, UK, where I used to juggle many moons ago... The website is very informative, including details of all the Oxford juggling clubs, upcoming events, shopping for juggling stuff in Oxford and juggling tips.

Carnival of the Divine Imagination - Fire performance group offering private lessons and group fire twirling workshops. Based in Brisbane, Australia. Promoting the arts of fire dancing, worldwide fire performers and fire arts training. 

Indra Yoga & Dance was founded by sisters Kamala and Hannah who lead the largest poi classes in the Los Angeles area. They also perform with fire and teach yoga.

Stiltmania Circus: this is a stressful world and that one way of coping with this is for adults to spend more time playing. One way to do this is circus. The site introduces the benefits of circus and juggling. Contains information about poi and club swinging and a recent events page with photos of our most recent event.


Comets Toy Company - Sells Comets (poi balls), an outdoor juggling game for kids and adults based on the Polynesian tradition of poi twirling. Also has an easy-to-follow instructional video and glow sticks. Sells wholesale as well.


Retailers of fire equipment based in Melborne Australia. "Concentrate takes an innovative edge on the fire twirling industry, based on in-depth research and design. Resolving equipment problems and implementing new design features. The result is a range of quality, highly engineered equipment."


Erik`s Poi Toys - manufacturer of quality poi and flag poi - manufacturing performed with care and consideration. Apex poi courses get all their poi from Erik, and cant reccommend them highly enough!


Great, useful and friendly German site with a webshop selling l.e.d. poi and lessons with movies and explanations.


Glowcheap & Novelty Co. - site to buy cheap glowsticks and other glow stuff, both wholesale and in smaller quantities.

Glow Sticks Glowsticks - The Glow Company UK home of an ever expanding range of glow products including glow juggling, glowsticks & more The site dedicated to the art of glowsticking.

Iron Gypsy - This site is for fire performers who want design and beauty added to
funtional and useful. Beautiful metal fire props including exquisite headpieces.

Mighty Banana - Wholesalers and retailers of low priced poi, as well as some friendly cuddly monkeys!

Oddballs International - for all your juggling needs!

Perdy - Fantastic flag poi, choose from a wide range or have made to order. These have been tried and tested by many performers and juggling shops, and really are the bees knees!

  A range of good quality poi, and a fun website with forum.



Rainbow Flight invented/created the Comet Poi (ie poi with tails on them) back in 1995 - so we all have them to be very thankful to. Their design is the original one on the market, much copied but rarely bettered!


American emporium of all things juggling, including fire gear and several types of fire wick.


SonicStars Ltd - purveyors of excellent poi, with a fun and friendly site!



Burnt Toast - Burnt Toast are a group of fire performers based in Guilford, Surrey, UK. Available for promotional events, private parties or workshops.

Carnival of the Divine Imagination - Fire performance group offering private lessons and group fire twirling workshops. Based in Brisbane, Australia.

The Cosmos Jugglers -
"....among the British best at fire and 'uv' juggling, club swinging and pole spinning" The Catch, British Juggling Magazine. The Cosmos Jugglers also offer workshops and fantastic weekend and week-long courses in stunning locations around England.

FireArtFanatics - Initially formed at the Olympic ceremonies, the Sydney based FireArtFanatics is a 12-piece fire-performance troupe. "The FireArtFanatics weave their magic under the stars in this captivating visual spectacular that illustrates the interaction of the human spirit with fire through movement and dance in a powerfully evocative and mesmerising performance."

Firebeat - Focused mainly in Israel, the Firebeat team has been working successfuly in the entertainment industry for several years. They have performed in hundreds of locations in Israel, Europe and the USA. Check out the site to view details of their current shows and their extensive list of credits. Promoting the arts of fire dancing, worldwide fire performers and fire arts training. - Nemo and his co-performers based in Civic, Canberra. The site is mostly pictures at the moment but will be updated shortly...

  The Flaming Butterflies will have you spellbound with their fire performance to a magical fusion of world and tribal-electro dance music. Check out the site for their exquisite costumes and beautiful photographs.


Fireworx: a collective of professional fire poi performers with branches in london, england, and sydney, australia. we provide breath taking displays of fire or light for your club, party or event.

Flaming Sphere - AKA the Oklahoma division of Wildfire Entertainment. Fire Dancing, Fire Breathing and much much more. We do indoor and outdoor parties, concerts and festivals in the central USA.

Fyre Pixie - Poi Workshops for kids and adults, kids parties, balloon twisting, storytelling and more!

  The Global Fire Tribe. A great meeting place. The Fire twirlers website for all,staff, Fire Swinging, Twirling and Spinning, poi lessons, free staff lessons, forum, chat,and much more!


Headfunk Pyro Circus - A group of fire performers that use Poi, Staff, Juggling and other toys (Fire, LED, Fluoro and much more...) They have been esatblished for over two and a half years, and are based in the UK. Check out their funky new flash site! 

Juggling fools - workshops and performances in the Netherlands

Wildfire Entertainment - These four dancers have unified into a near-perfect flaming ring of performers, manipulating fire into a beautiful display of life and light. Wildfire Entertainment is not just fire dancing. It’s performance that demands attention. Promoting the arts of fire dancing, worldwide fire performers and fire arts training.

Primal Fire: is a group of dynamic fire performers in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Using our skills in poi, staff, double staff, fire fingers, and more, we coreograph shows that enthrall audiences. Our site has a list of our performances, photos, fire safety and an online shop.

Will-O'-the -Wisp The great Australian theatrical fire circus. With Fire clowns, stilt walkers and surreal fire spirits Will-o'-the-Wisp will entertain and amaze people from all walks of life.

Related Arts

Mephisto - "Mephisto the Master is a professional performing fire eater and consultant, with a third century of experience in this field. This site gives explicit and detailed instructions in the art or professional fire eating, tips for beginner and pro, and an impressive photos section."

Modern Club Spinning and Pole Spinning - Anna's book published in 1994, Modern Club Swinging and Pole Spinning, is now available on the web:As well as the full text of the book there is also a club swinging bibliography and additional pole spinning articles. We hope you find them useful.

Juggling Instructions : Tricks, tips, videos, how to juggle tutorial



EntsWeb: Directory of entertainment related sites

Fire AZ - a list of all things firey - A Spirituality Web Directory.


Blue Ray Films Vita Gottleib's lovely site includes her film projects, photography and details of her Millennium Award documentary Perfect Sense: Silent Music.

Colins Lab Colin's amazing animated personal site.

DTKB and Friends Katies fun and friendly personal page, full of pics, updates on Katies shennanigans (!) and a new funky Poi Spinning section.

  Dave Austin, photographer extraordianire. Highly esteemed photographer of many high profile performance acts including Flame Oz and Balloonatic. Will get you the best publicity you could hope for!



Koenbert - some wierdo who said he'd do me a favour if i linked to him. Dont let kids access this site.

Paul Makepeace's Homepage - funny and fun page with games, babble and brilliant essay on motivation (I've certainly used it's tips) based on Paul's experiences as a body builder.

Rainwave - This website is All About Alison, who has teamed up with enigmatic songwriter Kalessin to create a lush, innovative sound, bristling with chilled and atmospheric grooves. Alison's music is a mix of psychedelic lyrics and acoustic textures around a theme which links all of the songs “I grew up by the sea” Alison says, “and I like to feel it in the music.”

Other Sites Innovative Directory Linking You To The Hottest Sites Under The Sun.


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....and Just For fun

League Against Poi - for those days when you've had enough of spinning! Very funny site - but take it with a pinch of salt.

Dub selector - musical time wasting. - sinister but damn funny. Erm, at least I think so!