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"I'm just finishing up on her beginners course currently running. I can't recommend it highly enough -- I was better half way through the second week than I'd hoped I'd be by the end of the course. If you have even just a vague interest in some fun exercise or seeing what
this poi thing is and can spare the time - Go!"
Manar Hussain, Feb 2003

"Thanks again for the classes. Another good thing about the teaching (I thought this as I left last week) is the fact that you differentiate; you adapt the teaching to the students learning styles and abilities. The more able students always had some extension move to work on and the less able students (me trying to relearn the reels!) get plenty of assistance. Anyway, it'll be strange not going to Camden this evening. Good luck with it all and have a great Christmas and New Year."
Rhona Dec 2004

I would love to come on the Intermediate poi course, probably in January. I'd like to thank you and Monique for a well-run course, for your enthusiasm, and for all your tips. I had tried to spin poi for a long time before I came on the beginner's course, and now I know enough tricks to fool the casual onlooker that I know
what I'm doing! Thanks again, and see you next year!
Paul Partington, Nov 2004

Thanks for the tuition!
Just completed the beginners course with Emma as detailed below and it was great learning. I found all techniques were all clearly explained and the support I got in catching up was great. Having played with poi a little before attending the lessons I really admired the patience and perseverence Emma showed during the lessons with all us pupils and the speed at which we all went - the arms ached!! Had fun - thanks.
Mark, 2006

monique is a brilliant teacher and i enjoyed my classes with her in october immensly and learnt loads. please give her my best regards
shelley, March 2005

I have just recently finished a course with Monique. She is and wonderful teacher, and made learning poi great fun. She had such a great way of carefully breaking down and explaining each move.
Sitara, April 2005

"I learned about Michal's course through Home of and also Odd Balls in Camden Town. After taking the intermediate course, I am getting so much better now and learned not only new tricks, but how to MAKE my own tricks. Go to the course even if you are shy because I'll tell you, Michal is a fantastic teacher, very personal and you will learn whatever you set your goals on! Rave-on and happy spinning!!!!"
Katie Brown, March 2003

"I have just finished the beginners class a couple of weeks ago, and had a great time doing it! I was given some poi for my birthday two years ago by some friends. I recall many a drunken night watching my friends twirling fire poi, and thinking that it was something I just had to they gave some poi for my birthday, but low and behold, two years later I was yet to pick them up for longer than a couple of minutes. So I went along to the poi beginners class that the juggling shop "odd balls" in camden reccomended. I nervously announced that I was a "poi virgin", and was somewhat relieved to see that just about everybody in the class was. So we twirled and spun and did all sorts of cool things that first night. Just when I started feeling fustrated as I hit myself on the head for the umpteenth time, I looked around and giggled as I saw others doing the same. And now six weeks later I can weave, windmill, fountain, reel, butterfly and do all sorts of visually impressive stuff. It is definitely the best way to learn.....I know I'll be doing the intermeadiate course in the next month or so."
Julie, February 2003

"the course has been really good,at the begining i tought to have some difficultes for my english which is not really good but it was just my paranoed.everythigs was explain propelly and it was a good opportunity to make new friends and have some fun.I m supprice that even nowthat i don t practes poy (my room it s to smole) i kep remember all the trick and it s exential that someone explane you how to move them.I just wait some sun to go poying in the park!!!!!"
Silvia Gesualdi, July 2002

Just wanted to drop by quickly and mention that these courses are really good - I did both the beginner and intermediate courses a while ago and I learnt a hell of a lot.
The bovril monkey, March 2003

"Before I attended Michals Intermediate course I had been spinning poi for about 2 years . I had a flat mate who was a beginner spinner and was very eager to learn, we tried to co-ordinate our schedules so that we could spin together but it only seemed to happen once every three weeks. She decided to do the Beginners course and I was astonished at how quickly she became well adept at the art of spinning. In about four weeks she was catching up to me and she said she was one of the slower ones in the class. So I joined up for the intermediate classes and initially thought that I would know all the moves and probably wouldn't learn anything new. How wrong I was, ugly know-it-all ego. The classes opened up a whole side of poi spinning I never imagined existed. I developed my own unique style and soon had the confidence to try making up moves of my own and pursue professional performing. I found Michals teaching approach to be clear, easy to understand and I was amazed at the in depth knowledge she had of the art. Her warm attitude and approachable personality made the lessons enjoyable to be a part of. Although she takes her work seriously she still keeps a sense of hummor which makes the classes fun but also functional. I would and do recommend anyone at any level to participate in these classes."
Monique Aislabe, April 2002

"After injuring myself with my poi and also getting myself into some close shaves with my fire poi I decided to book myself on a course. I had been practising on my own learning new things from the internet - but the intermediate course really helped me bring everything together. When I started all the moves I could do were very separate from each other... but by the end of the course I could link things up and make up my own moves.... Thank you Michal I really enjoyed the course, your a fantastic teacher!!"
Rebecca Vincent, March 2003

I completed both the beginners and intermediate course I learnt an unbelievable amount, and was very impressed at the level of thought that had gone into both courses. l the instruction was clear, easy to follow and the pace of the class was just right. By the end of the courses i had enough confidence to use a set of fire poi in the evening on a beach on holiday. It was just amazing. Would recomend the course to anyone.
Cat, August 2002

Thanks for everything at the poi course. I had a really good time and learned a lot of things!
Rob Dewar, Feb 2002

Hey Michal
Sarah here from Monday night beginners class. Just to say again, thank you so much for sharing your skill and craft with me (us). I learn a lot and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the class in the comfortable environment you created. I can't wait to set my poi's (fire poi's) on fire. Also looking forward to joining another of your classes!
Thanks man.
You have a great skill and teaching ability.
Sarah Leighton May 2003

I know the time and effort that went into planning these courses, they have so much more than just moves, also include styles character choreography and a lot of groovy stuff. Superbigmassive Glass recommendation on this one. and the're still underpriced. Go for it.
Glass, June 2002

I really enjoyed the poi spinning course, and learnt a lot of tricks that I feel comfortable with. I look forward to making use of them to make new friends at festivals!
Julia Axell, July 2003


Thank you so much for the course. I've really enjoyed it and have learnt so much. I'm planning on doing the intermediate course in a few months so I'll see you then! Thanks again - it's been great! Luv Vicki
Vicki moore, July 2003

..the course was brilliant...thanks very much...I learnt alot...and am having a party this weekend...and have decided to lite up the poi' hopefully there won't be anyone on fire by the end of it..
Kindest Regards
Darryl Hancock, July 2003


I learnt so many new moves, as well as how to invent my own. I really enjoyed the course and found it very useful. The content of each class was of the right amount, and I was able to practice and improve all of the new moves before the next class. Michal's explanations and break-downs of each move were concise and easy to follow, which made learning the difficult ones more easy!
Cheryl Chong, July 2003


loved every moment of the course. Really enjoyable and really relaxed atmosphere - couldn't wait for my Wednesday class! Michal is a great teacher and her skills unquestionable.
My favourite thing about the course was continuous learning and progressing to new moves and then putting them all together. Actually seeing your improvement from week to week and making things up as you go. By the end of the course, I feel now that i have the confidence to practice and make things up as i go along.
Krista Sanderson, Aug 2003


Good extension from the beginners, I wasnt doing much with my poi for a while, and this course has got me motivated to play a little more
Julie Gear, Aug 2003


It was great, I really enjoyed it, I had to get over my shyness, and my lack of coordinations, it was a great experience and a great way to spend a tuesday night!
It was really cool to do something different, feel a bit special, and come back home full of energy and colors in my head, from all the ribbons floating around!!!
Sands, Aug 2003

I just wanted to say thank you so much.....I saw a couple of friends fire poi spinning, and decided that after a few years of deliberation - to take the plunge.
I bought my poi and decided that doing your beginners course was the way to go. When I arrived I was a bit apprehensive, as knew noone - but the class is so friendly and full of people who don't know eachother - you all just mingle in and get on with it!
I had learned in 2 weeks of the course, things I had hoped to have learned by the end! - so just wanted to say thanks - It's an excellent course - thoroughly enjoyable and you are indeed an amazing teacher.
Sarah Dovey, Dec 2003

I just wanted to thank you for the course I did. It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it.
Frank Pleske, Dec 2003