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"I think this book is the best learning tool on the market, it is SO comprehensive. I particularly enjoyed the section on choreography, great tips Michal! I wonder where you got them?
Now...Simply buy the book, it's the business, it's the best, it's the bomb! Having learned loads of stuff from it you will smile as you realise what a good idea it was to buy it."
Axis, Performer, 12 feb 2003


Firetoys carefully screens all its products to ensure only the best are available for sale. Out of 3 poi books we have seen, only Michal's has been added. This is because the text is concise and easy to understand, the illustrations are clear and very helpful and all major moves are included (along with many new and original ones). Its quite refreshing to find a book that teaches a skill such as Poi Spinning in such a readable format. Keep up the good work Michal.
Yann Waterson, Managing Director, Firetoys Ltd, March 2003

I just got the book and was amazed how easy it was to follow the instructions! It's easy to understand and just so 'user friendly'. There are also many great tips by Michal! - The illustrations are just wonderful and makes it easy to follow. I'd recommend this book highly, it's really well written.
Colin Foo, Malaysia, March 2003

"HOP is pleased to include Michal's Poi spinning book as a comprehensive guide to the art of poi."
Malcolm Crawshay, Founder of Home of Poi, March 2003

"I'm really impressed by this book. I thought it was first rate, an excellent production. Not only is it comprehensive, to the extent of compendium, but it's well illustrated and is just jam packed with great moves and ideas. The names are different, but for me, that opened up another way to looking at things. I'd recommend this book highly, it's really well done. A great resource. I don't think anyone would ever regret owing this book "
Stone Jan 2003

"I like the book! As I have no one else to spin with I've found it has helped to perfect tricks I already knew as well as teach me some new stuff. The book is brilliant, I'm finding it an invaluable learning tool. Well done and best of luck with any future poi projects you have planned! Happy Spinning."
Frazzle, March 2003

"I just purchased your book - Poi Spinning....i love it!!! The illustrations are great and the explanations are simple to understand. thanks."
Rachel Young, March 2003

My good lady was kind enough to purchase "Poi spinning" by michal khan for me 4Xmas , and its bloodly fantastic! Has anyone else out there got their mits on a copy, and what do they think? I like it. Having never even worked in the wall planes b4, (spinning is non exsistant where I am, and everything I knew upto getting this book was self taught), it really opened doors in terms of what i thought was possible with poi.
Bunnikins, Jan 2003

To start out: I was thoroughly impressed and pleased with the book! It was friendly towards new learners but not condescending, and the illustrations were fantastic! It's also good to see a book finally written about the art that appeals to beginners and old-timers alike. Not to toot my own horn, but I could do every move in the book before I bought it. What I was searching for, and found, was a helpful guide to assist the way I teach others how to spin.
Dio, Jan 2003

As a poi spinner myself, I was delighted when this book was published. It is one of the best teach yourself books that I have ever read. Its diagrams and explanations are easy to understand. For beginners and professionals alike it’s a perfect book. As retailers of juggling equipment ourselves, we have decided this is the only poi book we will stock.
Steph at Balls-U-Like, March 2003

I don't think that I know enough superlatives to describe this book. I bought it when I first started learning poi spinning and have found it extremely useful in both learning new tricks and improving the quality and visual appeal of tricks I knew already. The text is extremely well written, it manages to be both succinct and at the same time very descriptive. Each trick is explained clearly in a number of very well drawn step-by-step diagrams, which illustrate exactly the hand positions required for each motion. The book isn't just limited to trick descriptions, it also covers fire spinning, coreography and (my personal favourite) ways to avoid hitting yourself. I can't recommend this book highly enough. Buy it!
Tom Madams, March 2003

From my point of view as a professional performer and occasional poi workshop teacher I look at things from all abilities and all points of view as to remember the beginners mind and where I was when I first started to learn to spin poi. The poi-spinning book being the first of its kind does exactly this, from beginners to advanced poi moves and choreography combined with beautiful illustrations by miss batchelor.
This book is as simple as it gets and gives the novice poi spinner enough tricks and techniques to set them off on the voyage for more crazier poi moves. Michal gives you more than just this with her book though, and goes on with advanced moves such as full waist wraps and then moves on to cover hints and tips in choreographing your own show with poi or developing tips for creating style and rhythm with you poi.
How amazing it would be if I had just discovered poi for the first time recently, and to have a book of this calibre in my hands would be a blessing. But even as a more advanced spinner I still went to my local juggling shop to get a copy as a present for my partner and I enjoyed reading every page to see if there was any thing I had not tried before, and guess what, even I put the book down with a head full of some interesting combinations of moves.
This book is a must for every one’s collection - yes even the advanced guru’s of the poi communities.
Michal you’re a credit to the communities around the world for putting the time and dedication into compiling this book, thank you.
PK, Founder of 'Poi in the Park', April 2003

Hi michal,
I have your book and i like it very much. At first I thougt that there weren't so many new tricks for me, but when I looked further there is a lot I can learn from it. The explenations and drawings are very clear and especially how you explain how you should move your wrists and fingers. And I like the different ways how you can stop and turn the poi, with your feet is very funny. I'm learning it with a friend and we are laughing a lot, we have already a few brewses(?) but it's lots of fun. So thank you and good luck with your book. I'll tell people about it.
Moniek, May 2003

By the way I've started going through your book. It has been so well done. I didn't get a chance to go through it before just 'cos I'd been spoilt by you. It is so easy to follow. No easy feat that you have managed to put down on paper the same simplicity of teaching with which you take your classes. Seriously well done.
Tarnjit Birdi May 2003

and here's something else: 'If you half close your eyes looking slightley in the distance, running them over the drawings its almost as if you can see the flow of the poi!'
Tarnjit Birdi May 2003

I head a poi dancing troupe & teach poi classes through the University here in Arcata, California. I recently purchased your book & was wildly impressed.
Teri Corley aug 2003, Spinalotta Poi Dance Troupe, Arcata, CA USA

This book is good... and not the 'fight of good against eveil' way because it transcends this. Not even in the 'its good because it isn't bad' way. It is simply, good. If you need to imagine it, please picture your spectrum from absolute, abysmallity all the way through to the pinnacle of dazzling brilliance, and then chop off all the bad bit and a good deal of the good bit and you're left with the purest of good that is this book.
The intergrated dialogue and illustration expertly provide a progressive and comprehensive set of demonstrations that are clear and simple to follow with accurate and consice help and hints along the way. It also provides information and suggestions that give the reader the basic tools for taking his/her hobby in any direction they want to further research from the simplest of traditional Moari variants to group choreography.
I recomend everyone buys this book. If you're a beginner it will teach you aptly; if you are sort of intermediate, it will inform you and nurture your prgresion; if you're a demi-deity to whom there is nothing left to teach, buy if for it will show you how to teach others; and if you don't spin poi, buy it because it the best example of what it is I have seen.
Top marks to the Author and Illustrator for excelling themselves in this work that practically leaves no need to wirte another poi learning book ever again... and the recipe is great too...
Art Animator, Illustrator, and Performer TOM, October 2003

I have only been playing poi for a year and not being able to put them down. Getting this book has opened my mind even more. The best thing is that it help me exceed what I already new and showed me a lot more. this book took me out of the dry spell that I had thank you.
Sas Fick RSA. November 2004

Hello Michal,
I'd just like to tell you how much I love your book. I teach poi classes in Los Angeles CA and we always recommend your book to our students
Hannah Mooney, Jan 2005

We all have your book and love it! it has been so helpful
to us all!
Nacole Vickery Oct 2004

Hello! Love your book :)
Hannah Oct 2004

hey, just to let you know your book on spinning is fabulous and really cool to learn from. I just wanted to ask you if you could tell me how many eggs i need to use for lucy's brownies, the recipe at the back of your book doesnt say and i really want to make them! i also wanted to ask you if you perform anywhere else bar London im from Somerset and me and my fellow poi spinners would love to see you perform or attend a workshop!! i hope you get back to me soon as i wanna make those brownies!!
jasmine feb 2005

I actually just wanted to congratulate you on your book about poi spinning. I bought it about month ago in this awesome Camden Town juggling shop and while I was at it I also bougt a pair of wonderful poi... 32,5£ for both, next thing you know i'll soon be a pro ! So again thanks for this great great book !
Maelle vie April 2005

Michal and Lucy-
Thank you so very much for creating your wonderful Poi Spinning book. I've been studying poi since October (after my first Burning Man trek last year) and used your excellent book to help me with a few basics and some trickier stuff like behind-the-back weaves which I can finally do forwards and backwards. The material seems quite thorough and I return to it from time to time to work on moves that are still a bit rough for me. The illustrations are beautiful, by-the-way, and complement the text perfectly. You both rock! Thanks again.
Shawn Neely
Oakland, California, USA May 2005

I want to say your book is brilliant! I've been poi spinning on and off for a few years and
have recently got back into it in a big way (after being inspired by some amazing poiing at Glastonbury this year). I bought your book about a week ago and am really enjoying learning new moves - I had got stuck in a bit of a rut.
July 2005 Sarah Bardsley

I love the poi book, it's fantastic,
All the best,
Angharad Fielder July 2005

Regarding my level of poi spinning skill, I started spinning about 6 years ago in New Zealand and so I should be pretty flash but I hit the rut of lack of imagination and guidance and have just stagnated. However, 2 months ago I received your book for my birthday and my spinning has been revolutionised!
Rachel Mager july 2005

Can't make it to your poi courses, as I have moved to the United States. I
bought your book before I left, to teach myself, and it is great. Good job!
July 2005

Before I go, I think you might appreciate a little story...
Today is my boyfriend's birthday and similar to most girlfriends I had a really fun time trying my hardest to think of a present to get for him. I was searching the internet one day and came across this book that he would love. The more I read about this book the more I wanted it for him, webpages were full of great reviews. So then I started a search. I couldn't mail order the book as I was travelling so I went to two bookstores in York, three in Leeds, four in Manchester (in one store they even said that they'd sold their one and and only copy earlier that day), and one in Birmingham before finally giving in and ordering it through Boarders in Birmingham (the book
is suposed to arrive tomorrow). I went to all this effort (and was so pleased that I'd found a present that he would actually like) only to wake up this morning to watch him open a present from his parents -the book! He'd actually asked them to get him Poi Spinning for his birthday! But I feel a lot better now that I've told someone! So perhaps...I could pay for him to attend a course? Unless you have any other suggestions!Thanks,
Ellen, August 2005

Hello, Michal!
First of all, sorry for my bad English! 8)
This is the letter from small country named Republic Of Belarus. This
country is situated between Russia and Poland. And here is VERY hard to find Any information about the Art of Poi Spinning and Fire Juggling at all...
But one week ago my friend has bought in Canada and brought to show me Your book "Poi Spinning". It was a great moment! 8-)))) Now I'm trying to learn as much as possible tricks from this book, while my friend is still here. I'm not a novice in the Art of Fire Spinning, but I found a LOT of interesting information in Your book... 8-0 8D (but, I mean, I'm compelled to make a photocopy of this book, if I'm
going to continue learning after my friend's departure...)
So I want to say You A GREAT THANKS for this book! It's great!
Bekar. Minsk, Belarus. Sept 2005

Dear Michal, I have just bought myself a copy of your Poi Spinning and book and think its brilliant and love learning new moves from it - it rocks!!!
Kadesh oct 2005

Thanks Michal - your book rocks! I've been fire dancing for about nine years now and have learnt so many new things from it since buying it a couple of months ago - thankyou!!!
Tim Oct 2005